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The Discovery Blog

Mars shipwreck press coverage

For you who follows the Mars project! Here are some links of recent media exposures! Enjoy!

The 1564 Maritime Battlefield of "Mars"
"The Society's support makes it possible for us to expand our exploration of the area surrounding the Mars wreckage, which will broaden our understanding and appreciation of the ship's historic battle and will likely lead to new and exciting discoveries."

National Geographic Society Supports Exploration of Famed Swedish Warship Mars the Magnificent…/national-geographic-…/

Cursed Warship Revealed With Treasure Onboard
Researchers and divers have started studying the secrets the Mars, the pride of Sweden's 16th-century navy, has held for 450 years.…/140707-mars-shipwreck…/

450-Years Old cursed warship yields treasure trove of artifacts…/140707-mars-shipwreck…
Schiffswrack "Mars": Kampf um die Ostsee…/schiffswrack-mars-kampf-…

Svenskt örlogsfartyg från 1500-talet avslöjar historiska hemligheter…/svenskt-orlogsfartyg-fran-1500-talet-avs…
National Geographic Society stödjer utforskning av svenskt krigsfartyg…/national-geographic-society-stodjer-utfo…

Researchers explore cursed 450-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea…/researchers-explore-cursed-450-ye…/

Flag # 215: Mars the Magnificent with Richard Lundgren…/flag_215_mars_the_magnificent_wi…

Team to Complete Digital Reconstruction of Sunken Warship “Mars”…/…/

Mars seminars at Böda harbor Öland

A series of Mars seminars is to be held at Böda harbor in July.  If you are on Öland this summer iit´s a great oppurtunity to learn more about this magnificent ship and also visit the harbor where the diving operations is based.   

Oldest skeleton of its kind ever found discovered

Photograph by Paul Nicklen

Ocean Discovery is proud to have been part of this remarkable diving expedition to the cave Hoyo Negro in Mexico. Ocean Discoverys divers filmed the deep part of the underwater video directed by Mike Madden.  The upcoming documentary is produced by National Geographic Television and NOVA.

The cave named Hoyo Negro, black hole in spanish is a massive cave room. Forty meters from bottom to celing and more then one hundred meter long the room is absolutely spectacular decorated with stalactites in the ceiling.  The room is littered with over twenty species of extinct animals including Mamuts and sabre toth tigers.  Crystal clear water combined with surface supplied HMI lights  carefully placesd around the room made for a specatcular scene.  Ocean Discovery used 4k Sony F55 cameras to capture images that are truly epic.   

Watch the video on National Geographics web site


3D photogrammetry

​One of the objectives of the 2013 shipwreck Mars Exepedition was photogrammetry 3D images.  Florian Huber from Kiel University did some expirimental work for the project.  He used a specialy calibrated DSLR camera and the images where processed in to a 3D model with an accuracy of 0.5mm.  The below image is a screen dump from the 3D virewer. The resilt was so sucessufull that we plan to do more photogrammetry in 2014, possibly covering the entire wrecksite.  



Underwater Panorama

Underwater 360 panorama of the shipwreck Bremsund. This is just an early test of concept. The plan is to make a virtual tour of the shipwreck Mars in the future where the viewer can click on different areas of the wreck and explore 360 panoramas.

Mars museum exhibition

Mars museum exhibition promotion video. The premiere is on saturday the 31st of August. More than 300 square meters of exhibition area and a new film with never before seen uw material.

Mars Makalös - Det Marina 1500 talet from Ingemar lundgren on Vimeo.

Illuminating Mars

Erik Börjeson is building a light rig for this summers Mars project. The small scale prototype is tested and working and he is now going full scale. The total output from the LED lights will be 4500W. That is about the same as 20 Halcyon 200W HMI lights! This will be unreal. The light output will be 400.000 lumen! The goal is to illuminate 400 square meters to be able to reach F5,6 at ISO 800. There is virtually no ambient light on the Mars wreck so this artificial sun will be awesome for the filming and for still photography. It will be powered by a 6000w top side generator. A four point mooring will be set up to hold a ship with generator above the site. The amazing images on the Ghost ship used a light rig producing 100.000 lumen, this will have 4 times that output.

USS Atlanta movie awarded

The Elena Konstantinou movie The return to USS Atlanta defender of Guadalcanal claimed the prestigious Spirit of  Independence Award at the film festival in Fortlauderdale FL USA. Ocean Discovery is proud to have been part of the making of this fantastic production.


Diver of the conference award 2012


Today Richard Lundgren was awarded diver of the conference award at Eurotek for his long search for the shipwreck Mars.    


Filming the Mars

The TV documentary Tall Ships at war  is under production.  Filming started this summer both on land and underwater.  Using the very best video technology available. A custom built housing designed by Erik Börjeson for the Red Epic 5K promises ultra-high resolution and image quality.  There is no ambient light at 70m so the biggest challenge is to light the scene.  The team at times had up to 6 off camera 200 Watt HMI lights in the water simultaneously to light the wreck site.  

In 2013 the underwater video production will continue with an even more ambitious plan. We hope to deploy a 5000 Watt ship-tethered HMI light to put an artificial sun just above the wreck.  This should be equivalent to about 20.000 Watt halogen light output. 

Richard Lundgren and Carl Douglas preparing the Ocean Eye custom built housing for the Red Epic 5K camera. Photo Ingemar Lundgren

GUE´s Jarrod Jablonsky lighting the scene for videographer Richard Lundgren. Photo Ingemar Lundgren


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