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The cannons of the Mars

According to the latest research from Ingvar Sjöblom the leading historian on 16th century maritime history, the  Mars carried significantly more then 107 cannons.

Ingvar beliefs he has proof of the he exact number of cannons.  All but 4 where made of bronze.  The enemy side , the Danes and the Lübeck navies mostly had iron cannons of inferior quality.  Sweden which had abundant resources of copper had the luxury of equipping their more prestigious ships with the superior but very expensive bronze cannons. They could be loaded with more gun powder then the inferior iron cannons. More range and more penetrating power was the result.  This was a transition period of naval warfare. Mars was probably the first warship to sink an enemy vessel in direct cannon battle, the Lübeck ship Långe Barken. 

In this picture a diver is examining one of the many cannons of the Mars.  

Photo Ingemar Lundgren / Ocean Discovery

The dolphin "handle" of the cannon in close up.