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Filming the Mars

The TV documentary Tall Ships at war  is under production.  Filming started this summer both on land and underwater.  Using the very best video technology available. A custom built housing designed by Erik Börjeson for the Red Epic 5K promises ultra-high resolution and image quality.  There is no ambient light at 70m so the biggest challenge is to light the scene.  The team at times had up to 6 off camera 200 Watt HMI lights in the water simultaneously to light the wreck site.  

In 2013 the underwater video production will continue with an even more ambitious plan. We hope to deploy a 5000 Watt ship-tethered HMI light to put an artificial sun just above the wreck.  This should be equivalent to about 20.000 Watt halogen light output. 

Richard Lundgren and Carl Douglas preparing the Ocean Eye custom built housing for the Red Epic 5K camera. Photo Ingemar Lundgren

GUE´s Jarrod Jablonsky lighting the scene for videographer Richard Lundgren. Photo Ingemar Lundgren