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Oldest skeleton of its kind ever found discovered

Photograph by Paul Nicklen

Ocean Discovery is proud to have been part of this remarkable diving expedition to the cave Hoyo Negro in Mexico. Ocean Discoverys divers filmed the deep part of the underwater video directed by Mike Madden.  The upcoming documentary is produced by National Geographic Television and NOVA.

The cave named Hoyo Negro, black hole in spanish is a massive cave room. Forty meters from bottom to celing and more then one hundred meter long the room is absolutely spectacular decorated with stalactites in the ceiling.  The room is littered with over twenty species of extinct animals including Mamuts and sabre toth tigers.  Crystal clear water combined with surface supplied HMI lights  carefully placesd around the room made for a specatcular scene.  Ocean Discovery used 4k Sony F55 cameras to capture images that are truly epic.   

Watch the video on National Geographics web site